Thursday, September 20, 2012

Import/Export : JSON content tutorial for BoncopeauX

The content of the imported JSON files must comply with the JSON format specification.
For further informations about this format, please have a look at :

Requirement for BoncopeauX importation :

The minimum requirement to be readable by BoncopeauX is the following field :

As you can see, fields must be surrounded by curly brackets { }.

Adding materials :

To add a material just insert the following fields :

If you want to add another material, just insert fields as below. Notice the square brakets [ ] which means that "materials" is a table.

Adding tools :
To add tools in a material definition, insert the following fields :

Adding operations :
To add operations in tool definition, insert the following fields :

Notice the fields "mill", "lathe" and "drill" where the booelan value true or false is not surrounded by double quotes.

Adding qualities :
To add qualities in operation definition, insert the following fields :

Version 2.5 code 17

The version 2.5 code 17 has been released.
This version include a new feature : Import/Export.

To access this feature just popup the menu :

Export : 

- This will export to your SD Card your current materials and tools settings.
- Specify the file name :

- The file is now available on your SD Card in the directory : /boncopeaux
- For this example : /boncopeaux/data.json

Import :
- This will import a file from the directory /boncopeaux of your SD Card. The file must have the extension ".json" :
- The file must comply with the JSON format specification (